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THE BRITISH INSTITUTE (TBI) TBI was first registered as an Educational Foundation on 18 February 1984 and has since provided first-rate classroom tuition and excellent customer service to clients in Indonesia. TBI is the only organisation in Indonesia that is certified by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations to run CELTA training courses and as such TBI keeps abreast of the latest developments in teacher training and teaching methodology. TBI now has schools across Indonesia and delivers English language training to a diverse range of private companies and institutions as well as an increasing number of government organisations. TBI courses can be delivered on-site at our schools or off-site at other locations across Indonesia. TBI DIGITAL LEARNING TBI digital offers programmes for learners who are seeking opportunities to learn English online whether it is a complete self-study or with assistance, i.e. blended learning. The complete self-study uses the Learn English Now app. The lessons follow a systematic Study and Test cycle, and are broken down into short modules. Students can begin a lesson, take a break and simply pick up where they left off. An end-of-lesson test helps consolidate the language learned and provides an immediate benchmark of progress made. In the blended learning programmes, those lessons are combined with live tutorials through video conference. The courses are designed to help learners improve their language skills and boost their confidence in using the language. Through these, you are given the opportunity to study at your own pace via an app before practicing the language in the live tutorials. The Learn English Now app uses a speech recognition technology that gives direct feedback on your pronunciation. Further practice can be done with your peers and tutor in the live tutorials. TBI LEARNING PROGRAMMES SELF STUDY Student will study by themselves using Learn English Now app. It’s accessible anytime anywhere. English for Everyday Conversation Basic Business English English for Entrepreneurship Adaptive General English IELTS Preparation Pre-Intermediate (Band 4) IELTS Preparation Intermediate (Band 5) IELTS Preparation Upper-Intermediate (Band 6) TOEFL ITP Exam Practice TOEIC Exam Preparation Business Emails BLENDED LEARNING TBI Digital Blended Learning programmes offer you the ability to control your learning pace and learn remotely with the opportunity to interact with the tutors and fellow learners. With a flipped learning method, you’ll start the lesson by self-study with the materials assigned prior to the face-to-face meeting, then consolidate and practice what you’ve learnt in the online classrooms. General English IELTS Preparation Pre-Intermediate TOEFL ITP Preparation TOEIC Preparation THE ADVANTAGES OF DIGITAL LEARNING PROGRAMME Learn English Now app Online face to face Shorter study time Flexible schedule Affordable investment Double certificates option Multi-faceted materials Register Now :